Public Skate

Public skating at
Enfield Twin Rinks

Lace up the skates, hit the ice and see for yourself why ice skating at Enfield Twin Rinks is one of the area’s favorite activities for people of all ages!  Whether you are with friends, with family, on a date or just out for some exercise, ice skating is a great activity for all occasions.  Budget-friendly and always fun, ice skating is great for all ages and experience levels, and a perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle.Because ice is slippery and injuries can happen, the arena recommends all skaters wear head protection, such as a hockey or bicycle helmet.

Public Skate Times

Sunday 7/14 2:50pm-4:10pm
Sunday 7/21 2:50pm-4:10pm
Sunday 7/28 1:40PM-3:00PM

*Please Check Master Calendar For ALL UPDATED Dates and Times!

More Info:

Admission: $12.00
Skate Rentals: $5.00

Skate Walkers: $5.00

*Walkers are first come and cannot be held to the side*
*Walkers for beginners ages eight and younger, or under 48" tall!!
*times vary, check calendar for most updated information*