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Start your hockey journey today


Pre Hockey 1 & 2 Learn to Skate

Start your hockey journey in our Pre-Hockey 1 & 2 skating classes. Nail down the fundamental skating techniques and skills for hockey players in a fun environment.


MC SELECTS Learn to Play Hockey – Rookie Program

Sign up for Rookie 1 and receive FREE GEAR!! Each gear bag includes a stick, helmet with cage, jersey, and full equipment except skates (rental skates available for use). The Rookie Program introduces players to shooting, passing, stickhandling and other fundamental skills.


Enfield Hockey Association Recreational League

Rec league consists of in-house / limited travel league play where players get the opportunity to join a team. The schedule consists of both games and team practices.


MAssConn Travel Hockey

Sign up for tryouts and showcase your skills! Join a travel team and compete all season (approximately September through February) against other clubs in your region in weekly games and practices. Play for a championship in the end of the season playoffs!


Carol Lessard


Which equipment is provided in the free gear program?

First-time hockey players receive the following equipment for free on their 1st day of class. Jersey and socks, stick, helmet with cage, shin pads, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, hockey pants, hockey bag Skates are not included in the free gear program but rental skates are available until you are ready to get fitted for your own pair. When you enroll in our [LTPH Free Gear / Flyers Rookie Hockey Initiation Program], your gear will be provided for you.

How often should I practice?

It is recommended that skaters practice at least one other time per week. Please check our monthly calendar for stick time and public skating hours.

What ages do you teach?

We teach boys and girls and men and women from ages three and up.

Do you teach adults?

Yes. You are never too old to learn to skate or brush up on your skating skills. Our adult group is primarily taught on Saturdays, but you are welcome to join our Monday class too.

Do I need a membership?

Yes. Skaters in the Learn To Skate program must register with Learn To Skate USA ($18.50 annual fee). The membership is valid from July 1st-June 30th. Learn to Skate USA is the best skating program endorsed by: US Figure Skating, USA Hockey, and US Speedskating. A membership provides: Standardized curriculum. Instruction from certified and safesport compliant instructors. Secondary sport accident insurance. A subscription to Learn to Skate USA Magazine. The ability to participate in lessons, performances, competitions, and all activities with Learn to Skate USA. New members will receive a welcome packet in the mail that includes a skater record book to track their skating progress. The link to register is: learntoskateusa.com

What is Snowplow Sam?

Snowplow Sam is the beginner level for skaters ages three-five. This class primarily focuses on the coordination of sitting down and standing up, balance, and falling and recovery. It may take skaters a few classes before they can stand up unassisted or take steps. It's like learning to walk for the first time.

Do you offer refunds or makeup classes?

We do not have the flexibility to accommodate makeups for missed classes and we do not offer refunds, credits, and cannot prorate. Class switches are not permitted for any reason.

Can a skater join a class after the session has begun?

If a session has begun, please email Jen at: jhren@etrinks.com to inquire about availability. Please be aware we do not pro-rate.

Can I go on the ice with my skater?

No. Our classes our taught by highly qualified coaches who have passed various levels of skating tests, successfully completed a background check, and SafeSport training. Parents are welcome to watch the lessons from the stands or behind the glass.

What should my skater wear?

A helmet is strongly recommended for all, but required for ages ten and younger (a bike helmet is acceptable). Wear warm, insulated clothing. Clothing should allow for unrestricted, free movement. Thin socks. Gloves and mittens not only to keep your skater's hands warm, but to protect the skater's hands as they learn to fall and stand back up. A jacket. We recommend sweatpants (snow pants are okay for beginner skaters, ages 3-6, and then move to lighter layers as they progress.

Should I buy or rent skates?

Skate rentals are included at no additional cost and a good way to see if your skater enjoys skating before committing to buying a pair of skates.

Where should I buy skates?

DK's Hockey shop located at the rear entrance of the Enfield Twin Rinks, for hockey skates and beginner figure skates. For the advanced figure skater, Skate Sport, located in West Springfield, MA. Skate Sport is owned and operated by George Flathers . To arrange an appointment with George, please call Skate Sport at: 413-732-5216.

What brands of skates are best to buy?

Reidell or Jackson for figure skates. CCM or Bauer for hockey skates.

How should skates fit?

Skates should fit like a glove. They should not be too big nor too small. Toes should not be curled nor should there be an inch or two of room. Skates that are too big will not offer proper ankle support and may cause blisters and foot injuries. Thin socks should be worn, not thick socks. To see if the skate fits properly, take out the inner liner. Have the skater stand on the liner with the heel all the way back and see how much space is left in the front from their toes. There should be no more than a half an inch.

How Should I tie skates?

Tight. Tap your heel into the boot as far back as possible. Pull the tongue up gently, and secure it straight up and down before tucking it beside your foot. Staring with the second or third set of laces from the bottom, pull them tightly, one pair at a time, so the boot closes well over the front of your foot. Laces should be snug through the ankle area and bottom two sets of hooks. The top two can be looser to allow for flexibility. Cross extra lace over the hooks neatly, don't wind it around the skates. Properly laced skates should provide enough room to stick a finger between the back of the boot and your leg, with the ankles flexed. The skater should be able to bend their knees and ankles forward over the toe. If they cannot bend at the ankles, the skates are tied too tight. Re-lace and adjust.

Where should I get my skates sharpened?

We recommend sharpening skates every 10-15 hours of ice time. DK's Hockey Shop sharpens skates and for the advanced figure skater, Skate Sport.

How do I store skates?

Skates should be stored with "soakers" (soft cloth skate guard). The hard rubber skate guards are designed for walking and leaving them on will cause the skate blades to rust.

Where can I walk with skates on?

Rubber mats and carpeting only. Do not walk on cement unless you have hard rubber skate guards protecting your blades.